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3 simple but effective ways to address the slouching posture at work.

Here are some tips to address the issue of sitting for long hours at a desk.

  1. Take frequent breaks. I know this sounds simple. But for some, in today’s working environment, emails and video online meetings are more common than before. Getting off that chair seems to be more challenging (especially if you’re busy). Put a reminder in your calendar- to take a break and walk, get some water, say hi to a workmate who sits further away from you or better still, walk around and do some quick neck/shoulder stretches.

  2. Ergonomics. Check on your sitting and desk position. Ideally you want to have your bottom to the back of the seat. This prevents you from excessive slouching. The chair should have adequate lumbar support. If it doesn’t, you can quickly address this by taking a towel into work and place it behind your lower back (when you sit on your chair). The desk keyboard/mouse should be close, so your arms are freely resting on the desk as this reduces tension on your shoulders. Monitor height should be eye level and directly in front of you to prevent tilting or turning of your head in prolonged periods.

  3. Standing desk. This can be quite effective for those who have lower back problems already. If you are already having trouble sitting for longer than 30 minutes, a standing desk should be in your consideration. The compression forces on the lower back from sitting is significantly higher than standing, so using a standing desk at work will reduce the chances of aggravating that low back pain. Of course standing for prolonged periods can fatigue your postural muscles so you should sit from time to time to change it up.

Visit a Chiropractor if you’d like to discuss these things in more detail. Or perhaps you already have low back pain which is interfering with your work, then it's a good idea to consult a Chiropractor in person. We can help address ergonomics for you but also assess and demonstrate your sitting upright posture and help you with that low back pain as well. Our Chiropractors at Maroubra Chiropractic will be happy to meet you.

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