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Why Us

Our Chiropractors at Maroubra Chiropractic & Health, based in Maroubra - Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, are here to help you maintain a healthy spine so you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Our approach is to not only help relieve your pain but most importantly to identify and understand the why. And then work on a plan to reach self management.


Whilst you may feel fine and pain-free, we want to make sure you don't relapse into the same condition. A key principle to our treatment strategy is for you to learn ways to keep your spine healthy; our Chiropractors will teach you how.

At Maroubra Chiropractic and Health, we also have a team of dedicated health practitioners in Naturopathy, Acupuncture and Remedial Massage.

How we treat

Our Chiropractic Care approach is patient-centred and evidence based. Our results proven treatment strategy comprises of four functions, each playing a pivotal part in delivering results to our clients.

ASSESS  l  The most fundamental component which underpins an effective treatment strategy. Our Chiropractors spend time to thoroughly understand your unique condition, to formulate an accurate diagnosis.

PLAN   At Maroubra Chiropractic, our Chiropractors will ensure you understand the plan and the rationale behind it.

TREAT  l  You will be receive a treatment and a treatment schedule, one which is tailored to you and your condition. Our Chiropractors will communicate the how and why, along the way.

LEARN l  Our Chiropractors want to ensure you walk away knowing how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid relapsing into the same condition. You will be given valuable tips and tools of ways to maintain good spine health.

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