What We Do

At Maroubra Chiropractic & Health, our Chiropractors assess your current condition and overall health but we also take into consideration your lifestyle attributes. This will help shape your custom treatment plan and steps to recovery.


We spend our time in examining your symptoms and conditions carefully. We believe this is important for an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment strategy. Our aim is to source and address the underlying reason for your pain.


We understand that everyone has unique conditions and varying concerns. Treatment strategies are carefully planned and tailored to help address your specific condition.


We aim to provide long lasting solutions with our proven techniques in Chiropractic Care. Whilst we help to relieve pain in the short term, our ultimate goal is to help treat the root cause.


Learn the nature of your condition, how to take the steps to recover and maintain a healthy spine to prevent future injury.

What We Treat

Here are some of the common conditions that we treat:

Lower back pain

Upper back pain

Neck pain


Shoulder pain

Hip pain


Disc injuries


Sport injuries