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Welcome to Maroubra Chiropractic & Health

Maroubra Chiropractic and Health, is a welcoming Chiropractic Clinic based in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Maroubra. We have a team of dedicated health care practitioners who strive to deliver quality care.

Our practitioners have a keen interest in spine disorders and pain conditions, who have completed formal training and coupled with many years of clinical experience. Our clients receive the highest standard of care in Chiropractic.

Meet our Practitioners

Meet our Practitioners

Dr Yohan Choi


M.Chiro, B. Chiro, B Health Sci

Yohan is our principal Chiropractor. He has a Bachelor of Chiropractic and Masters Degree of Chiropractic from  Macquarie University. Prior to his Chiropractic degree, he completed a Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the University of Technology Sydney.

Yohan has a passion in identifying the cause of a vast array of musculoskeletal problems, particularly issues related to the spine. From assessment stage through to treatment recovery plans, he will communicate every step of the process with you. He is committed to helping you completely understand your condition, steps to recovery and gear you towards self management.

Outside of work, Yohan spends his time playing with his two young sons, enjoys tennis, weight training and core exercises.

Vicki Turner


Director of Health & Fertility Matters


Vicki Turner has a quality about her that every health practitioner should surely have: a glow of good health and vitality. She not only treats her patients – she inspires them.

“My journey into natural therapies began after a long period of ill-health in my mid-twenties.  The overload of stress from studying and travelling and having a 'good time' took its toll on my body.  Orthodox medical treatments were not resolving my health issues, which was so frustrating.  Then someone suggested I see a Naturopath.   Not only did my health improve dramatically, but I was shown my true career pathway and a new meaning for life.  From that very first appointment, there was no turning back.”


Now, after more than 25 years of clinical naturopathic medicine practice, learning, researching and fine tuning her skills, Vicki has established an integrated holistic clinic, where Western Alternative Medicine truly meets and blends with Traditional Chinese Medicine, to provide patients with the best pathway to health and wellbeing.

Vicki treats a very wide variety of health issues, from digestive to immune system problems to skin and allergies, low energy and exhaustion, to stress, sleep issues, anxiety and depression.  After years of training and clinical practice, acquiring the skills to help so many people, she expanded her work into the specialty of reproductive health.


Machelle Boothroyd



Machelle is passionate about healthy living.  She knows from her own experience that making your health your number one priority is the foundation for having the vitality to live life to the full.  It is her great pleasure to have a career working with you to better your health and vitality.

She was inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) twenty years ago, when she turned her own health around through a combination of supplements, improved diet, herbs and acupuncture.  Today, she enjoys sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm through educating others on diet and lifestyle choices while treating them with herbs and acupuncture.  She uses these techniques to help individuals overcome their acute and chronic health challenges.  Machelle is also experienced in assisting women through pregnancy, treating children and supporting couples for natural fertility management including IVF acupuncture support.

Machelle's training includes studies at The Sydney Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Leichhardt. She has completed internships at Guan An Men Hospital Beijing and Jiaxi TCM University Nanchang.  Machelle holds a Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Certificate in Hemaview (Live Blood) Analysis.  She continually updates and expands her knowledge by regularly attending seminars through learning from internationally recognised researchers and clinicians.  This keeps her up to date with the latest industry knowledge and advancements in Natural Medicine to utilise in her practice.


Sylwia Skoczylas


DipRM, BHlth Sci University of Sydney

Sylwia Skoczylas provides both those suffering temporary or chronic daily pain, and their families and carers, an improvement in daily life through her academic, foundational, practical, and evolving skillset, knowledge, and understanding.

She is able to create subtle, yet deep, core, resonating changes to the overall physiological and psychological pain relationship uniquely experienced for each of her patient clients.

Her knowledge of both temporary and chronic nerve and musculoskeletal conditions, have already provided lasting change and relief to the growing numbers of sufferers. Sylwia advocates a bio-psycho-social model, and it is her sharp listening and genuine-patient-care that is fundamentally why her clients feel the difference of her treatment specifically tailored to each individual situation and progression.

As she says and stands by, “I know my success with my patients stems solely from my teaching them to help themselves”.


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