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What is core strength? And why is it important?

Today, health and fitness is transforming the way we approach life, the way we live and how we live it. A key term that is totally on point to this is core strength. You've heard of it right? And so have many other Australians, but most seem to know little about it.

So what is it?

Let me explain in simple terms. (You can see, I prefer to simplify my explanations without getting into the complexity of the topic; it gets dull and more difficult to understand).

Core strength is basically referring to the strength of the muscle and skeletal frame that hold you up. It is mainly referring to the mid-line region of the body and its strength to hold a given load you apply to it.

Now, why is it important?

Core strength is directly related to increased strength, stability and balance of your whole body. If you've read my previous blog (click here to read) on slouching, you would've read that long term slouching further weakens postural muscles making it more difficult to sit upright. Well, core strengthening reverses this process, and provides the postural muscles with the strength needed to support your frame and this works to some degree even when you slouch.

The improved strength, stability and balance promotes healthy joint movement of your frame and limbs and prevents injury.

Here is a simple analogy:

Imagine the main trunk of a large tree as being your core. This main trunk has to be strong and provide the stability for the smaller branches on top to grow and span out evenly. If the main trunk is weak and leans to one side, the branches will also lean with it (affected by its imbalance). Now picture this as a person. A weak core will promote the body to lean and the position of the arms and legs will be affected. Your body's ability to hold up your weight and any additional load will be affected as well. You will fatigue easily and more importantly, predispose your joints to early wear and injury.

Our Maroubra Chiropractors at Maroubra Chiropractic & Health, provide all patients who show conditions of poor core strength with simple ways to strengthen this vital part of the body.

If you feel like you need to speak to someone regarding your posture and core strength, get in touch with us on 02 9344 4645.

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